Screening Tools

Screening Tools

Evaluating your mental health is as important as evaluating your physical health, and is important to your overall health at any age, and at every stage of your life. If you are wondering if you or a loved one may have symptoms related to a specific mental health issue, you can complete one of our quick screening tools and get instant feedback. These tools are totally confidential, and you simply print out the form and answer the questions. The fact that you or your loved one have some symptoms, doesn’t necessarily mean you have a mental illness condition. But if you are concerned about your screening results, we recommend you contact us and talk with one of our clinicians … they are here to help!

  • What are screening tools?

    At MidWest Center for Personal & Family Development we use screening tools as a way to help determine whether a person may need further attention to address a mental health or psychological disorder. These screening tools are used also to determine whether a person shows signs of a possible mental health or substance abuse issue that requires a more comprehensive assessment.

  • Screening vs. Assessment

    Assessments and screenings are not the same thing.  The goal of screening tools is to help identify the likelihood of an adult or child having a mental health or substance abuse problem.  Assessments gather additional details on the full degree and nature of the issue so a treatment plan can be developed.

MidWest Center for Personal & Family Development offers  screening tools if you are …

  1. Experiencing feeling empty, hopeless
  2. Troubled by traumatic events
  3. Experiencing mood swings from very high to very low
  4. Constantly worried, anxious
  5. Struggling with substance abuse
  6. Concerned about your teen’s mood

Online Option.

To take one of our FREE screening tools, it’s just a click away. MidWest Center partnered with Screening for Mental Health, Inc to offer you easy access to anonymous screenings to determine the mental health needs for you or your loved one. Visit the link below to get started and be sure to follow up with us if you are concerned about the results.

Click here to take the screening

Additional Screening Options.

For those who like a paper tool, we also provide additional screening tools below for you to utilize. If you have questions about your score, please do not hesitate to follow up with us.