Resiliency Program

MidWest Center for Personal & Family Development’s Catherine Mollner, MA, LP, SEP, is hosting a 1 Day Resiliency Program for Women ages 16-21 to teach valuable resiliency skills for now and later.

      • Develop healthy self-esteem and learn to value yourself from the inside-out
      • Consider how society’s implicit messages about beauty impact self-esteem
      • Build healthy physical, emotional, and intellectual boundaries
      • Increase online awareness to be less vulnerable and more protected
      • Practice effective communication skills to share authentically and listen with curiosity
      • Map the connection between events, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and consequences
      • Appreciate the gift of emotions and learn healthy emotional regulation
      • Empower yourself through being assertive and respectful
  • Lunch and Materials Included

    Location:     The Court International Building
                  2550 University Avenue West
                  150 South Conference Room
                  Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
    Cost:         $200.00 Payable by Private Pay
    Max Capacity: 12 attendees
    To Register:  Call 651-647-1900 to register

    #BeResilient Flyer

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