Post Induction Therapy Psycho-Educational Series

Children enter the world needing nurturing, affirmation, support and direction to healthfully navigate the journey from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood.  When children are inadequately assisted, due to trauma or something lacking in major caregivers, they will adapt to survive.  Although those adaptations work to get through childhood, they impact adult life in a way that often creates unproductive and destructive patterns.  Earlier life events can impact the way adults experience the world, manage stress, their sense of self-esteem, the way in which they relate to others, and ability to manage emotions sometimes leading to physical symptoms, addictions or painful relationships.


What I Didn’t Know Then…It’s Not Too Late

A Psycho-Educational Series by Catherine Mollner, MA, LP, SEP
This 4-session series will help you understand how your earlier life experience affects your current life and promote strategies to heal and gain freedom.  Each class has 60-75 minutes of formal lecture and handouts, then 15-30 minutes for participant questions. Participants are invited to send questions in between classes. This series is open to adults, ages 18 and up, interested in learning more or bettering themselves.

Session 1

Value – Learn how to connect to the truth of your inherent value and distinguish it from the tyranny of hustling to gather worth externally. This relates to self-love. Only from this deep acknowledgment of our innate worth do we have a sense of our own fullness of being.

Boundaries – Learn a system of boundaries that will help you protect yourself while also learning how to not be offensive to others. Learn strategies to filter other’s thoughts, feelings, and expressions by determining what is true for you and keep out what is not true for you while staying out of a power struggle.

Session 2

Reality – Learn about the connection between thoughts, emotions and behavior. Identify how distorted thought patterns contribute to misery and learn strategies to live more in truth than in lies. Practice scanning and asking “what is going on in my body (senses), emotions (feelings), thoughts and behavior?” This strategy is about self-awareness. Before we can intervene on ourselves, we need to know what is going on within us.

Self-Care – We will discuss how to tend to our needs and ask for help when we need it. We will also talk about the importance of cultivating joy through meeting some of our wants.

Session 3

Moderation – This issue is about balance, and relates to appropriate self-discipline. We learn to filter our spontaneity so that we do not overwhelm or overpower others.

Learn how the issues of value, boundaries, reality, self-care and moderation are connected. Practice operating from an adult ego state.

Session 4

Your History is Showing  – Why we can know better but struggle to do better.  We will discuss strategies for Surfing the Wave of Activation and Accessing the Functional Adult.


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