Pain Management

  • Do you suffer with Acute Pain?

    And was that pain caused by…

    • Recent accident
    • injury, or surgery
    • Migraines
    • Infections / Inflammation
    • Burn
    • Abdominal distress
  • Do you suffer with Chronic Pain?

    And is that caused by…

    • Arthritis
    • Sciatica
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Cancer / Cancer drugs / Radiation treatments
    • Neuropathy
    • Chronic headaches

Whether you have acute pain that lasts up to 10 days or chronic pain that can last weeks or even years, living with pain can make life much more difficult. Pain can slow us down, cause us to withdraw from people, and impair our functionality in family, occupational and social settings. If other people in our lives haven’t dealt with pain issues they may not understand and may dismiss us as “just complainers.”

How the group works

In this group, we use a manual called, “Managing Pain Before it Manages You” by Dr. Margaret Caudill. During these sessions, which includes an outline from the book and lots of extra handouts, you will take time out to support and encourage each other as you learn more about pain and its management. You will learn how to understand the body exhibits and perceives pain, as well as how to help the brain perceive less pain, and therefore “feel” less pain.

You will learn how to find coping skills and activities, as well as healing techniques for the mind and body. This pain management group includes relaxation techniques and explores things like stretching, exercise, and nutrition that can help your pain to ease as you understand what your body needs. You will learn how to be gentle with yourselves and your busy daily lives.

Get support and encouragement, and a new way to look at life!

This Pain Management Group will help you ..

    • Understand pain and the perception of pain
    • Find coping skills and activities
    • Discover healing techniques for the mind and body
    • Explore how proper nutrition and adequate exercise can help
  • 2018

    Starting October 18th

    Class Schedule:

    Oct. 18, Oct. 25, Nov. 1, Nov. 8

    Cost: $20 per class or $75 for 4 classes (must pre-register for all 4 classes at once)

    Location: Entira Family Clinics: 3550 Labore Rd, Ste 7, Vadnais Heights, MN  55110

    To Register: Call 651-647-1900 to set up pre-screening interview

    Group Facilitator: Mary Jo Faustgen, MA, LMFT


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Mind-Body-Spirit: Natural Alternatives to Opioids for Chronic Pain Management by Mary Jo Faustgen, MA, LMFT

We are excited to announce that Mary Jo Faustgen, MA, LMFT will be publishing her manual, “Mind-Body-Spirit: Natural Alternatives to Opioids for Chronic Pain Management”.  Please follow the link below for more information!

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