Mary Jo Faustgen Books

Do you live in the very difficult world of chronic pain?

Have you tried multiple ways to relieve the pain, such as injections, physical therapy, implants or surgery?

Are you using pain medications you would like to get off of?

Are you frustrated or in despair?

This manual was designed to help you! “Mind-Body-Spirit: Natural Alternatives to Opioids for Chronic Pain Management” is a newly-released compilation of some of the best-known natural methods to help those who struggle to cope with chronic pain. Even if the pain you have is short-term, and especially if the pain is severe, the techniques described here may be useful if practiced faithfully.

This workbook was developed to help anyone who wants to change their unhealthy tendencies of angry and even aggressive tendencies when triggered by people and events. It takes the reader step-by-step through many areas, allowing individuals to consider, “how did I get this way?” and “how can I get unstuck?”
What Leo Says About Mary Jo's Books

Its workbook style is useful throughout my journey to accept myself as a person living with chronic pain and to aid in discussion with medical doctors and therapists

What Vivian Says About Mary Jo's Books

I found Mary Jo Faustgen’s book on chronic pain management a compassionate and comprehensive guide to living a joyful life despite pain. Written in a workbook style, this book was easy to read with meaningful personal exercises offering real insights into my own struggles and some wisdom along the way.

What Andrew Says About Mary Jo's Books

Great information and super easy to understand!