Gaining strength through self-knowledge –Building skills through practice

  • Topic 1:


    Learn to esteem the self from the concept of inherent worth rather than relying on the outside world to determine your sense of worth. You are enough and you matter just because you exist.  Your dignity, value and worth does not need to be earned through performance, attributes or what others think of you.  Your weaknesses and strengths speak to your humanity rather than define you as worthless as or better than.  Distinguish between being centered in health, rising into grandiosity and slipping into shame.  Learn to correct self-esteem failure and return to being centered in health.

  • Topic 2:

    Developing Healthy Boundaries

    Develop healthy boundaries to engage in controlled vulnerability, so you can be relationally protected and connected.  The protection part of the boundary assists with self-care, love and respect.  The containment part of the boundary helps with being respectful of others.  Learn to stay on your side of the fence, manage what you can, and be curious rather than manipulative or controlling.

  • Topic 3:

    Create Your Reality

    Take ownership of how you create your reality through mapping the connection between events, thoughts, emotions behavior and consequences.  Recognize the gift of your emotions and learn healthy emotional regulation.

  • Topic 4:

    Interdependency and Self-Care

    Build interdependency through engaging in good self-care around needs and wants. Practice skills to facilitate effective communication through sharing authentically of self and being fully present to listen.

  • Topic 5:

    Maintain an Attitude of Moderation

    Express spontaneity in a contained manner.  When people wall off, they shut spontaneity down and feel dead inside, uptight and controlling of others.  When people lose their boundaries they become toxic to others by exposing them to too much of their spontaneity.  Health is about learning to share and being relational without being abusive.

  • Topic 6:

    Recognize and Embrace Hurts and Impulsivity

    Recognize, embrace and contain your hurts and impulsivity. Identify any tendency to be overly self-critical, neglectful or overly indulgent.  Learn how to treat yourself in an affirming and nurturing way while also setting healthy limits.

Through participation in this program, you will:

  • Grow in resiliency and achieve greater psychological balance.
  • Become aware of and deepen your sense of personal value
  • Understand that you are precious in the face of your humanity
  • Strengthen your sense of power through building self-control allowing you to live in action rather than reaction to others
  • Develop a sense of abundance and appreciation of what the world has to offer through learning active self-care and healthy interdependence
  • Acquire tools for healthy relationship with self and others

3 DAY: Installing Resiliency Program

  • See the new program:  The Healing Journey

  • See the new program:  The Healing Journey

Location:  Court International Building, 2550 University Avenue West, Suite 150 South, St. Paul
Facilitator:  Catherine Mollner, MA, LP
Fee:  $700 payable by Insurance or Private Pay

1 DAY: Installing Resiliency Boot Camp for Women Ages 15-19

Learn About

  • Develop healthy self-esteem and learn to value yourself from the inside-out
  • Consider how society’s implicit messages about beauty impact self-esteem
  • Build physical, emotional, and intellectual boundaries
  • Increase online awareness to be less vulnerable and more protected
  • Practice effective communication skills to share authentically and listen with curiosity
  • Map the connection between events, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and consequences
  • Appreciate the gift of emotions and learn healthy emotional regulation
  • Empower yourself through being assertive and respectful


Date:  Saturday, June 9, 2018   9:00 AM -3:00 PM
Where:  Court International Building, 2550 University Avenue West, Suite 150 South, St. Paul
Facilitator:  Catherine Mollner, MA, LP
Fee:  $150 payable by Private Pay

Maintenance: Installing Resiliency Maintenance Group

Now that you have deepened your sense of personal value, power and abundance; maintain that connection, increase your skills and broaden your inner awareness.

These follow-up groups are recommended for alumni of the Installing Resiliency Workshop as a way to connect with other group members, share ideas and strengthen your resiliency skills.

When:  Please call for upcoming group dates
Where:  Court International Building, 2550 University Avenue West, Suite 435 South, St. Paul
Facilitator:  Kristy Costello, MA
Fee:  $75 per session payable by Insurance or Private Pay