Depression in Minneapolis / St. Paul: It affects the entire family.

Depression can be the sour to our sweet, the thorn in our side, the roadblock to our happiness. It does not discriminate against certain ages, races, genders, or socioeconomic statuses. It can be mild to severe, short term or chronic. With that said, it’s more common than you think.

Does your child have crying or anger outbursts? Does your adolescent seem to be withdrawn from friends and family? Do you feel stuck or have been told to “snap out of it”? Depression in one family member can impact everyone creating distress within the home, at school or work. The good news is; it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

Statistics indicate that a person waits an average of 10 years to seek treatment which can lead to more severe implications such as job loss, incarceration or even suicide.  Therefore, it’s encouraged to explore treatment options sooner than later so you, your loved one, and your family can start enjoying life again!

Take Control TODAY.

MidWest Center has over 35 providers across all 4 locations who can treat depression for children, adolescents, or adults. Depression looks a little different at each stage of life. Whether it’s mild or severe, we recommend you contact us for a complete diagnosis so you and your loved ones can get back on track to a healthier state. Our Depression Experts are here to help!

Fact: More than 20 million people in the United States suffer from Depression in a given year.

Symptoms of Depression

    • Decreased interest or pleasure
    • Change in sleep
    • Fatigue or loss of energy
    • Weight or Appetite change
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Withdrawal from friends and family
    • Tearfulness or frequent crying
    • Irritability, anger, or hostility
    • Sadness or hopelessness
    • Physical complaints (ex stomachache) that doesn’t respond to treatment